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Sept 1st 2020


It would have been my father, Gary Chafe’s 83rd Birthday. It was three years ago that his spirit left his body and this dimension. I hope that he was released to be his artistic, irreverent and hilarious self in another plane. I sure hope I get to meet him again one day, for he was a very important part of my life, as I know he was to so many. He was well loved. By the same token of love, I am asking for a small donation so that his artwork, the legacy that he left to me, and to us, can be preserved and promoted while I, and his granddaughter Alishanee, still live. I realize that everybody is in different financial shape and if you are not in a position to contribute at this time, or ever, don’t worry. If things change and you want to donate you will be able to join the Chafe Champion Club for all and every September, from Gary Chafe Day, Sept 1st, until the 31st. Money will be spent on all things related to Chafe Art and I will release a financial statement in August of 2021. Prizes will be awarded and donor names honored. GaryChafe.Com Gracias! 







To friends who may be planning to bring art to share at Gary's memorial at CAW (Corner of Ortega and Garden Sts) on Oct 7th: FYI: Due to the space rental costs, and the nature of the space, we have to make this show go up and down within 48 hours. With everyone's cooperation, we can do it AND make it an event that will go down in history, just like Gary Chafe. Please plan to drop your artwork at CAW, between 9am and 12noon at CAW on Saturday, Oct 7th. Please clearly label your art with your name, phone number and address. Plan to pick up on Sunday, Oct 8th between 9am and 12noon. Be aware that the space does not have doors that lock, however we will have a security guard staying on premises overnight and there are large steel sculptural gates and an 8' tall cyclone fence surrounding the compound. Contact person (and security guard) is G's nephew Jack O'Shea- 207-877-4375... he texts. Thank you!

Dear Friends of Gary Chafe:

If you haven't yet heard this news, I am beyond devastated to tell you that my father passed away early on the morning of Sept 1st, 2017, his 80th birthday. I am happy that he is released from the body and brain that only intermittently and with great effort worked as they should, but I will always miss his humor, spirit, support, knowledge, talent and the way he SAW things.

There are TWO important events planned for celebrating this character and artist.

On Friday, Sept 15th, from 5-8pm, there is an art SHOW opening at Barb Larson's Studio 111, at 111A Santa Barbara St. in the infamous Santa Barbara Funk Zone. We will be offering paintings, prints, sculpture and other artwork for sale from the 60 year creative career that Gary lived and realized. This show is meant to close on Oct 6th, but I feel sure that one may contact Barb to see it anytime over the 6th, 7th, 8th 9th, weekend. or 805-451-0651.

On Saturday, October 7th, from 5-8pm, there is a memorial art SHARE at the Community Arts Workshop at 631 Garden St. in Santa Barbara, California. A very dear friend of Gary's had the great idea to invite people who own Chafe artwork to bring it to hang a 24 hour show of work from their private collections, creating a unique collection of artwork that, most likely, will never be seen altogether again. We plan to eat, drink (!), and share our dear memories of Gary's life. If you have a piece that you want to show, please plan to bring it to CAW as early as possible on Saturday, we will be hanging the show from 9am to 2pm. We are also asking you to pick it up the next day by noon, if possible. This space does not have doors, but there is a high secure fence surrounding it and my cousin, Gary's nephew, Jack will be spending the night onsite, as a personal security guard. Please contact me via email, call 917-254-9808 if you need to, or (best) text me to let me know what you plan to bring. This a potluck and we are asking that you bring a dish and/or a drink.

If you cannot make either of these events, and wish to show love or support, there are several ways that one can do so, aside from all of the WONDERFUL, LOVING comments, phone calls, texts and emails that I have appreciated SO MUCH!

1-Go to the Chafe website, which will be launching on Oct 9th and BUY ART! Share this site with as many people as you can and help me "preserve the legacy." Go to his new Facebook profile Gary Chafe Fine Art, and like, share, follow, whatever you can do, in the ethersphere.
2-Go BUY his Basho greeting cards from the SB Museum of Art Store or the Folio Press.
3-Send this message to other friends of Gary's, whose contacts I may not have, because there were probably thousands of people whose contacts I don't have, or that he knew who don't do FB, email or any of these new-fangled ways of communicating.

Thank you. And remember.....

"To Play is Most Important"- Gary Chafe
FB Gary Chafe Fine Art
Maya de Silva Chafe

Mr. Chafe's next exhibition is planned for Sept 15th, 2017 at Studio 111, at 111 Santa Barbara St in Santa Barbara's Famous Funk Zone.

We just made a Facebook page for Gary's Art! Here you can "Like" the page and get up dates! This will help create a larger network of people who know and love Gary's art and will help us continue to preserve his legacy.

Click the link below to go to Gary's Facebook Page!


Link to Facebook page

SOLD! Gary Chafe's Seated Man oil painting has been sold! There are so few original oil paintings left that we are relunctant to let them go! However, we are in the process of producing more giclees of many of his pieces!


Dear Friends of Gary Chafe: There is a wonderful feature on him in the current (July) issue of SB Family & Lifestyles newspaper. The article was written by my cousin Jack O'Shea. Gary was so excited to have this lovely portrait done by Nathaniel Gray last week!


Link to the article

New Art! Despite Gary's illness he still continues to do art when he can! The other day he did a lovely little water color!

When I arrived here to be near my Dad, one of his colleagues, stone carver Paul Lindhart, urged me to "preserve the legacy". This phrase stuck with me and I believe this set of cards will allow more people to afford to have his work on their walls, sharing his sense of play and the masterful way he captured the essence of an idea with a few simple brushstrokes.


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