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Gary Chafe, iconic artist, outlier, and unforgettable character, created art in Santa Barbara for over 60 years. His work includes monotype prints, oil paintings, etchings, and bronze or stone sculptures. Browse his masterful work here and look through his eyes at the paradise where he lived through his affectionate interpretations of community characters and landscapes. His work was like "a stream of consciousness that flowed easily from his heart and hand"- Rita Ferri





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Chafe - The Monotypes


To Play is Most Important - Gary Chafe

   Basho Poetry Graphics            Cards or Posters



Six dry-relief etchings illustrate six haiku style poems by Matsuo Basho. Originally produced in 1968 as a 9.5 X 12.5 format, today they are again available in that size and also as 5X7 greeting cards, hand printed on French Paper at Santa Barbara's Table Salt Printing, with paper and ink colors matched as closely as possible to the artist's original choices.


Gary is a master at the difficult technique of monotype prints. For years he lived in a downtown one room studio with his hand crank printing press at the center and created prints daily. Enjoy these emotional portraits of people and places.


Oil Paintings

 Mr. Chafe painted passionately, strictly with oils. Many of his paintings are already are in private collections, here you can see pieces that are still available for purchase. Some paintings are available as giclee prints.

Sculptures in bronze, stone and silver.

Solid silver dolphin pendants, turquoise masks, cast bronze sculptures and stone carvings.

Mr. Chafe's next exhibition is planned for Sept 15th, 2017 at Studio 111, at 111 Santa Barbara St in Santa Barbara's Famous Funk Zone.


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