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Sept 1st 2020


It would have been my father, Gary Chafe’s 83rd Birthday. It was three years ago that his spirit left his body and this dimension. I hope that he was released to be his artistic, irreverent and hilarious self in another plane. I sure hope I get to meet him again one day, for he was a very important part of my life, as I know he was to so many. He was well loved. By the same token of love, I am asking for a small donation so that his artwork, the legacy that he left to me, and to us, can be preserved and promoted while I, and his granddaughter Alishanee, still live. I realize that everybody is in different financial shape and if you are not in a position to contribute at this time, or ever, don’t worry. If things change and you want to donate you will be able to join the Chafe Champion Club for all and every September, from Gary Chafe Day, Sept 1st, until the 31st. Money will be spent on all things related to Chafe Art and I will release a financial statement in August of 2021. Prizes will be awarded and donor names honored. GaryChafe.Com Gracias!


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